Centralized customer support service

Centralized customer support of “Consyst Business Group” is a large team of certified consultants, engineers, developers and managers, specializing in providing services for the maintenance and development of information systems for businesses of all sizes. Among the customers of the company are companies of medium and large size, as well as of federal level.

Centralized customer support service:

  1. “0 Line Support” is a request scheduling. Reception and classification of user requests, escalation of requests, control of query time
  2. “1st Line Support” is a user support. The solving of requests on the basis of the knowledge base, the knowledge base updating, routing of requests to the 2nd and 3rd line support (the work of analysts and developers)
  3. Integrated technological support. Cloud systems remote support and IT infrastructure of the customer:
  • Operational systems
      • Installation, Configuration of Windows / Unix operational systems
      • Setting up of security policies
      • Performance optimization, collection and analysis of performance counters
  • Databases
      • Installation and configuration of database management systems (DBMS)
      • Performance optimization
  • Data backup and restore
      • Implementation of comprehensive information security protection solutions through continuous data backup
  • Application and system software
      • Deployment and configuration of servers for any software task
      • Development of architectures in accordance with the Technical failover assignment
      • Deployment of high access infrastructures for application software tasks
      • Configuration of network subsystems for the software systems infrastructure tasks accomplishment
  • Software and system availability monitoring
      • System availability monitoring
      • Services’ status (operability) monitoring
      • Maintenance of system performance statistics
  1. Additional services: system informational content, processing and analysis of unstructured data, the development of user and technical documentation, certification of IT infrastructure and process equipment.

  2. Centralized customer support service delivers the services for the support and the development of information systems based on different technologies (1C, SAP, Oracle, EMC and others.). One of the major departments specializes in support of Microsoft solutions


Interaction scheme

Please refer to the article of Vladimir Tarasenko “Customer service as a way of maintaining and increasing the value for the customer” to find out about the principles of the Customer support service, based on the best practices from Microsoft.


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