The "Siberian Anthracite" group of companies completed the implementation of the "Salary" module of the corporate information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The whole complex of processes of personnel accounting, payroll, the formation of regulated reporting is automated. The project was implemented together with "Consyst Business Group".
The Russian brand of fast IT systems TURBO has released its first product for the foreign market – the TURBO Management. The presentation of the solution for the management of design and procurement activities took place at Russian ICT Day in Budapest. The solution is already localized for work in Hungary, and other countries are next in turn.

Second Russian ICT Day Conference in Budapest
On November 28, the Hungarian Export Development Agency (HEPA), together with "Consyst Business Group" and its European subsidiary LC Europe Kft. held the second annual Russian ICT Day conference in Budapest, Hungary. The guests of the event were representatives of the IT industry, employees of trade missions of both Hungary and other countries.
"Russian ICT Day" in Budapest
On November 28, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), together with LC Europe, a member of "Consyst Business Group", will hold the second annual "Russian ICT Day" conference in Budapest (Hungary). The event is dedicated to the trends of the modern IT industry and the role of technology in various industries of Russia and Europe.
Consyst Business Group has transferred offices of Kaspersky Lab in the UK and Germany to a single financial management system
Consyst Business Group implemented the second stage as part of a global program to create a single centralized financial management system at Kaspersky Lab's offices around the world. The system, previously running in offices in France and Italy, is replicated in units in the UK and Germany. The software solution for the project's implementation is Microsoft Dynamics AX.