Consyst Business Group and Kaspersky Lab told about the automation of foreign divisions of a global company at the TAdviser Summit 2019

Consyst Business Group together with Kaspersky Lab talked about how to automate foreign divisions of a global company with Russian origin, and then not regret it, at the TAdviser Summit on May 29, 2019 in Moscow.


As part of one of the largest IT conferences of the year – the TAdviser Summit, the IT directors of the largest companies and government departments in Russia discussed improving business and government efficiency with the help of IT technologies, and learned about advanced developments and solutions in the market.

Dmitry Samoylov, senior IT business partner of Kaspersky Lab, made a report on approaches to the automation of foreign divisions. Dmitry spoke about the business challenges that the company set before the start of the implementation project, the prerequisites for the choice of software platform and system integrator. The speaker also elaborated on the target IT architecture and transformation of IT and finance departments during projects, features of outsourcing and interim results of a global program covering 35 offices in 31 countries.

After a period of growth, when the company entered new markets and opened new offices, Kaspersky Lab encountered difficulties in preparing consolidated management reporting. It was necessary to standardize and automate the tasks of accounting, tax and management accounting conducted in offices that are very different in size, degree of maturity of processes and the availability of its own IT and financial team.  

The tendency to tighten the requirements for tax accounting and control, which can be traced in many countries around the world, also creates new challenges in automation, requiring the implementation of specific solutions for integration with state tax systems. Kaspersky Labs needed a solution that would flexibly support possible changes in the business strategy and support the special features of the legislation in various countries. These requirements were met by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Dmitry Samoilov, senior IT business partner of Kaspersky Lab:
«We chose Consyst Business Group as a partner in the automation of the foreign offices, since it was important for us that the company had expertise not only in IT consulting, but also in management consulting. Together we developed a strategy according to which we broke up the activities into stages. After each stage, we recorded the results and corrected the further direction».

At this moment offices in six countries in Europe and Asia are included in the unified financial management system of Kaspersky Lab, and the rest of the countries are next in turn. As a result, management reporting time was significantly reduced. Thanks to the development of a template for replication, the connection of a new office without significant local specificity takes about 3 months.



About the companies

Kaspersky Lab — is an international information security company since 1997. Deep expertise and long-term experience of the company are the basis of the new generation’s security solutions and services that ensure the safety of business, critical infrastructure, government agencies and ordinary users. Kaspersky Lab’s extensive portfolio includes advanced products for endpoint protection, as well as a range of specialized solutions and services to deal with complex and constantly evolving cyber threats. Kaspersky Lab technologies protect more than 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients worldwide. Details on www.kaspersky.ru   

Consyst Business Group — is a Russian consulting group, one of the market leaders in IT consulting, business consulting and customized development. According to RAEX for 2018, the group is in the top 10 largest consulting groups and companies in Russia and ranks 4th in IT consulting (management consulting). Offices of the group are located in 11 cities, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod and Budapest, with a staff of over 700 people. www.cbgr.ru